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New Orleans, Louisiana

Professional and Experienced Criminal Defense Representation

An Experienced New Orleans Criminal Lawyer

Attorney Christopher H. Carbine is a respected New Orleans lawyer who practices criminal defense and civil litigation in state and federal courts throughout Louisiana.

Attorney Chris Carbine provides an aggressive criminal defense with a keen focus on achieving his client’s particularized goals and enforcing his client’s constitutional rights. 

Throughout each stage of the legal process, Attorney Chris Carbine strives to maintain an informed, personal relationship with each of his clients because he understands that his clients appreciate being regularly updated with the status of their cases every step of the way.

Attorney Chris Carbine is experienced in handling many different types of criminal cases on both the state and federal levels, and his attention to detail has proven to be extremely beneficial for clients. Attorney Chris Carbine has successfully represented clients faced with complex criminal matters, which were later proved to be the direct result of unconstitutional and illegal police actions performed on his clients.

When facing criminal charges in Louisiana state and federal courts, your freedom and your future are at risk and having Attorney Chris Carbine on your side will result in you being fully informed and your rights being fully represented by an experienced criminal defense lawyer who prioritizes your best interests at all time.

Attorney Chris Carbine is available to assist you during all stages of state and federal criminal matters in Louisiana and is experienced and extremely successful in assisting his clients in mitigating potential criminal exposures before an arrest ever occurs, or prior to his clients being charged with a crime after his clients have been arrested. 

Unless and until you have been charged with a crime by Bill of Information or by Grand Jury Indictment, Attorney Christ Carbine will aggressively represent you by calling into question the facts, circumstances, and alleged evidence being collected to use against you before the police investigation is completed.

Attorney Chris Carbine has a reputation of aggressively, zealously, and successfully representing clients who have been charged with Louisiana state felony and misdemeanor charges and federal crimes, including: 

  • State Drug Offenses
  • Federal Drug Offenses
  • Possession With Intent To Distribute
  • Manufacturing & Distribution
  • 4th Amendment Violations
  • Illegal Searches and Seizures
  • Drug Trafficking
  • Conspiracy Cases
  • Murder
  • Assault & Battery Cases
  • Weapons Offenses
  • Firearm Offenses
  • Crimes of Violence
  • Sex Crimes
  • Theft, Burglary & Robbery
  • Traffic and Municipal Offenses
  • Alcohol-Related Offenses
  • Domestic Violence
  • Disturbing the Peace
  • Federal Crimes
  • Internet Crimes
  • Expungements
  • Probation Violations
  • Professional License Defense
  • University Investigations & Disciplinary Proceedings
  • And all other state and municipal code violations.


New Orleans Criminal Lawyer Christopher H Carbine
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Aggressive criminal defense with a keen focus on achieving our client's goals.


Experienced in successfully defending criminal cases for clients in both federal and state courts.


Providing our clients with an informed and personal representation every step of the way is our goal.

Cases We Handle

Exclusively Dedicated To Defending Your Rights

Whether it’s your first offense or your third strike, Carbine Law Firm has successfully represented hundreds of clients accused of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, many of which ultimately had their charges reduced, refused, or dismissed.

Drug crimes in Louisiana are commonly the result of an extensive investigation involving multiple law enforcement officers or agencies, task forces, and confidential informants. Successfully defending against drug crime cases in Louisiana requires an attorney who is well-versed in attacking constitutional rights violations and experienced in handling cases involving multiple witnesses. Because of their complexity, Carbine Law Firm approaches drug charges with unique and potent defense strategies designed to aggressively defend you and your constitutional rights. If you’ve been charged in Louisiana with drug possession, trafficking, and any other drug-related charges, attorney Chris Carbine will work tirelessly to help you avoid a drug conviction and the negative consequences that impact your life and freedom.

Sexual charges are extremely sensitive, carry lengthy sentences, and need to be handled with great care. In addition to prison, those convicted of sexual offenses in Louisiana also face a potential lifetime of being a registered sex offender. If you are charged with a sexual crime in Louisiana, you need to hire an experienced Louisiana sexual crimes attorney. No matter the charges, Carbine Law Firm will aggressively defend your rights and your freedom.

Being charged with a violent crime in Louisiana can be devastating to you, your family, and your future. As violent crimes inherently involve a victim (or their family), they are prosecuted aggressively and can potentially result in a life sentence. If you are charged with a violent crime in Louisiana, Carbine Law Firm will aggressively defend you and your rights with the experience needed to avoid the life-altering consequences that come with a conviction.


When charged with a federal crime, you need an attorney with a solid, well-developed defense plan who is experienced in defending clients against a prosecution brought by an extremely equipped adversary, the United States Government. When up against an opponent with endless resources, the risk of being convicted is always greater, as is the need for an attorney seasoned in defending federal crimes. Carbine Law Firm excels at these types of cases. Simple or extremely complex, your federal case will be in capable hands with Carbine Law Firm.

Misdemeanor charges, while seemingly innocuous, can be devastating and negatively affect your future. The Carbine Law Firm doesn’t take them lightly, and neither should you. We give you understandable, competent legal advice to clear your name and preserve your future.

Let’s face it, college and university students aren’t always in class or studying in the library, and the biggest lessons we learn in life are very often those resulting from the mistakes made as a young adult. New Orleans University Campuses are commonly the location where these mistakes are made and can result in university-related offenses, review board proceedings, and disciplinary proceedings. Carbine Law Firm is experienced with and has successfully assisted many New Orleans University Students in addressing and defending a variety of university-related offenses.

New Orleans is a fun place, but sometimes our visitors are accused of having a little too much fun while partaking in revelry that is standard fare at our Mardi Gras parades, New Orleans music festivals, or while attending major sporting events which occur almost daily in the Big Easy. Carbine Law Firm has assisted countless tourists and travelers who were arrested while on vacation in New Orleans or while traveling to or through the crescent city. Don’t let allegations of having too much fun in New Orleans ruin your view of the greatest city in the world.

Carbine Law Firm is experienced in successfully representing clients cited or ticketed for committing any and all Traffic Violations and Municipal Code Violations. Although these violations seem minor, the fines and fees that can come with not having an attorney on your side can add up quickly.

Carbine Law Firm has successfully assisted professionals with licensing issues involving application disclosure discrepancies, violations of licensing board rules and regulations, and self-reporting issues arising from a recent arrest or criminal charges being filed against our professional clients. We fully understand that you worked hard for your license and without it, you may be forced to pursue an unexpected career change.  Carbine Law Firm has successfully assisted doctors, registered nurses, financial advisors, accountants, insurance brokers and countless other professionals with obtaining and protecting their professional credentials at multiple licensing review board proceedings  and disciplinary proceedings.

Sometimes past mistakes come back to affect our future’s potential. Carbine Law Firm is experienced with obtaining expungements of our client’s prior Louisiana criminal records in jurisdictions across Louisiana. Keep in mind that our goal is to provide our clients an informed and personal representation, and sometimes that includes informing them of the harsh reality that not all convictions are eligible for expungement in Louisiana during our free initial consultation.

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– Sue L.


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