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New Orleans Criminal Defense Lawyer

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New Orleans Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you’ve been arrested in Louisiana and charged with a crime, you’re probably confused, upset, and even a little scared. The fact is, criminal charges in New Orleans are a serious matter and demand a serious response. That’s why you need an experienced and successful New Orleans criminal defense lawyer on your side.

The reason why is that police, investigators, and prosecutors in New Orleans can be very aggressive. Their goal is to get a conviction, and, in some cases, they go beyond the boundaries of the law to do so. Defending yourself against criminal charges and an aggressive court system is nothing to consider doing on your own.

In New Orleans, the court system is aggressive and harsh. To win your case, you need a New Orleans lawyer who will fight hard for your rights and freedom.

Meet Chris Carbine, New Orleans Lawyer

When you’re arrested for a crime in New Orleans, Attorney Chris Carbine will protect your rights. Mr. Carbine is well known for digging deep into every case and preparing aggressive defense strategies that work. Hundreds of happy clients in New Orleans are walking free today, thanks to Chris Carbine and his hard-hitting legal strategies.

Chris is also known for his keen attention to the details and specifics of every case. He digs deep to find any flaws, however small, that could help win your case. When your freedom is on the line, that attention to detail is exactly what you need.

Most importantly, when you’re a client of attorney Chris Carbine, you will get his complete dedication to your case. Unlike other firms where you’re just another number, Mr. Carbine will personally take care of your case. 

Carbine Law Firm, LLC Defends 5 Main Charges

If you’ve been arrested in New Orleans or another part of Louisiana, don’t go to court without someone protecting your rights and your freedom. Carbine Law Firm, LLC defends against the following 5 main charges.

If you’ve been arrested for one of these crimes, remember your 2 most important rights as an American;

1- The right to remain silent.

2- The right to an attorney.

Your next step is crucial also; contacting and retaining a New Orleans lawyer. If you want a New Orleans criminal lawyer who will personally handle your case using aggressive representation and strategies that work, Chris Carbine is the layer you need to call at (504) 233-8191. His years of experience, attention to detail, and in-your-face style is the best protection you’ll find in all of Louisiana.

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In Trouble? Get Free Legal Advice

We answer calls 24/7/365. Call us today to get free legal advice today.

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