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What To Know About Firearm Discharge Laws in Louisiana


If you’ve been arrested for illegal use or discharge of a firearm in Louisiana, there are certain facts you need to know. Louisiana firearm discharge laws state that illegal use or discharge of a weapon is a felony and carries serious, life-altering charges. 

For example, depending on the facts surrounding your case, a person charged with discharging a firearm illegally can be punished with anything from 2 years all the way up to life in prison. There are other stiff penalties also, including hard-labor, fines, and probation.

The penalties for discharging a firearm in New Orleans can be severe and life-altering. That includes long-term prison sentences, hard labor, and costly fines.

What Is Illegal Discharge of a Firearm?

In Louisiana, using any type of weapon in a criminal act is considered an illegal use of that weapon. That includes criminal negligence or intentional use. If you discharge (fire), throw, place nearby or use anything that can foreseeably result in death or grave bodily harm to another person, you can be charged with illegal use of a weapon or firearm.

Keep in mind that you don’t need to be committing a crime to be charged with illegally discharging a firearm. For example, if you shoot a gun into the air in celebration or are shooting at inanimate targets, you could still be charged. That’s because someone could be injured or killed inadvertently by the bullet(s) you shot.

What Are The Penalties For Illegally Discharging a Firearm in Louisiana?

As with most charges, the penalties depend on the severity of the crime. For example, if you shoot a gun into the air in celebration, your penalties may include:

  • A fine of $1000.00
  • Imprisonment for 2 years
  • Imprisonment with Hard Labor for 2 years

If you discharge a firearm from a moving vehicle on a public street with the intent to scare or injure someone, the penalties are even more severe. Lastly, if you discharge a weapon while committing a crime, the penalties are the most severe and could see you in prison for many years.

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